• Hikvision Kit of 8 Cameras 1080p Security Camera

    Sold By: Buysmart

    Instant Alerts

    This is the greatest benefit associated with a wireless security system. It has the capability to connect to the system and monitor service online. The latest technology also enables you to monitor and recordings through your tablet and smartphone. The slightest trigger provides instant notifications right away to the homeowner and the security agency. This allows prompt action without wasting time.

    Home Automation

    The home automation feature in these systems allows you to lock the doors, switch on and off the lights, as well as arm and disarm the security system from a distance.
    However, home automation is not something that you can use only when you are away from home. It can be used to, even while you are home. This prevents you from getting out of bed to check whether you remembered to close the front door before going to sleep.

    Interactive Monitoring

    A wireless security camera can be connected to a tablet or mobile phone to enjoy self monitoring. This feature allows you to watch live video feeds from every single camera set up in different corners of your home. The exterior cameras help you detect prospective dangers. Besides, you can also watch your kids arrive home safely from the school.

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