• D-Link DLINK – Pocket Wifi 4G LTE – Black1

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    D-Link DLINK – Pocket Wifi 4G LTE – Black1

    Bring the Internet with you. D-Link’s 150 Mbps DWR-932 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi access point allows you to connect and share ultra-fast 4G LTE mobile internet with download speeds of up to 150 Mbps, allowing you to stream music/videos, play online games, download and download files to multiple devices from anywhere at higher speeds.
    Create your own hotspotThe DWR-932 4G LTE 150 Mbps mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is a 4G/LTE high-speed mobile Wi-Fi access point. The DWR-932 uses a 4G Internet connection to give you a quick and easy remote Wi-Fi network.
    Instead of limiting your mobile internet connection to a single device via a USB dongle, the DWR-932 allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot to share your internet connection with multiple devices.
    ConnectConnect your mobile broadband connection to multiple Wi-Fi devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
    ProtectA built-in firewall protects against attacks on the Internet, and standard WPA/WPA2 security prevents unauthorized access to your network.
    Size Enough small to fit in your pocket with a high-capacity rechargeable battery, which allows you to work and play longer on the go.
    Share with othersSa portable size and its rechargeable battery allow you to share your connection anywhere.
    Share a single mobile Internet connection with your friends or colleagues to send and receive emails, surf the Internet or make Voice over IP calls, across multiple devices, all at the same time.
    Connect everywhere Justinsert your data-compatible SIM card and share your internet connection to keep your family and friends connected.
    Ideal for business trips where you need to share an internet connection during a meeting or while traveling, allowing you to provide all your travel companions with internet access, whether they use a laptop or a mobile device.
    Small. thin. Fast.The DWR-932 4G LTE 150 Mbps mobile Wi-Fi access point gives you instant connectivity in a powerful but portable device that easily slips into your pocket, wherever you go.
    Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) allows you to create a secure Wi-Fi network at the touch of a button. The 2000 mAh rechargeable Li-on battery allows you to stay connected for longer periods of time and is plug-and-play without complicated software to install. Connecting with the DWR-932 150 Mbps mobile Wi-Fi access point is fast, easy and convenient.

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